Proof - Wearable Blood Alcohol Sensor

Posted: January 14, 2017
Proof - Wearable Blood Alcohol Sensor

It's not so much what proof is in your pudding as it is how that proof permeates your blood. Personal breathalyzers, and even app-compatible and smartphone breathalyzers, have been around for years now. But they all share one tedious (hey, first world problems) trait: a tube you gotta stop and blow in. Either locked up in a bathroom stall, or somewhat uncomfortably in front of friends and strangers. PROOF is a forthcoming blood alcohol sensor that removes tube and blow alike. It's a wearable BAC detector that doesn't just "detect" your level when prompted, but tracks it through your duration of wear.

PROOF consists of a Silicone, activity tracker-looking wristband with a sensor and tech brick in the center. Disposable and replaceable BAC detection cartridges insert on the magnetic underside of the brick. When in contact with your skin these cartridges convert perspired alcohol into an alcohol level specific to you. Cartridges are guaranteed to track alcohol levels accurately for 12+ hours.

But PROOF, and your mama, hope you won't be drinking for that many.

You can set your PROOF to a "preferred" max blood alcohol level (e.g., something under the max in your state if you're driving, something under blacking out and not remembering your ass-kicking night if you're not) and it will vibrate to alert you when you've reached it. You can also track the points at which you reach various BACs throughout the night (or morning, Mimosa & Bloody Brunchers) with data recorded and saved on the accompanying PROOF app. I personally would be interested to know how many tumblers of booze or pints of brews I can drink before hitting various stages of intoxication. And also if certain alcohols affect me more than others, even if they have the same ABV content, which I have trouble believing to be true, but my gf swears she can drink vodka all night and be fine, but one rum cocktail and she's on her ass 'til morning.

Strangely, but also predictably given the "social" times we live in, you can also team up with friends and family on the PROOF app to share one another's drinking habits and BACs.

At printing, PROOF appeared still to be in development stages, with an offer on the website for those interested in the tracker to sign up for updates and notices of pre-order availability.

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