Powermask Breath Trainer & Sensory Deprivation Mask

Posted: November 28, 2020
Powermask Breath Trainer & Sensory Deprivation Mask
$152 - $179
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The Powermask by Silentmode brings on a blackout. Calibrates noise isolation. Activates sensory deprivation. And encourages you to enhance your mind just like you would your body - through regular workouts.

The Bluetooth-connected Powermask syncs with Silentmode's Breathonics app to guide you through breathing practice sessions, blackout experiences, and evidence-based beats. It's all in an effort to help your brain, and subsequently the rest of you, relax and relieve stress. Or engage in some mental fitness training to boost productivity. Or, my favorite, hone your ability to fall into an instant power nap.

The Breathonics app features a variety of "renowned coaches" that regularly upload new breathing, relaxation, and nervous system training programs. The Powermask itself is a cush, wraparound headband that provides a noise isolating, blacked out environment that completely removes you from the one you're in. Silentmode says these Powermask features make it ideal for use anywhere, from your office, to your WFH office, to an airplane or hotel room.

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