PowerBar - Portable AC Power Outlet

Posted: January 22, 2018
PowerBar - Portable AC Power Outlet

The Jackery PowerBar lets you take the wall with you! Well, the outlet in the wall anyway. This portable AC power outlet provides the same charge you get from the same 3-prong plug you get it from in standard wall outlets, but removes the tether of the wall itself. Take it outside camping, in the car and on the plane, and to cafes that deliberately don't install outlets near their tables so you won't buy a single 8-once drip for $1.97 and then sit there dicking around on your laptop for the next 3 hours.

In addition to its integrated AC wall outlet, the PowerBar also has 3 USB outputs. When fully charged it has the capacity to charge a MacBook Air 12" 1.2 times, and a MacBook Pro 15" from dead to 70%. It can also re-up iPhones and Samsung smartphones up to 10 times.

The PowerBar weighs 1-1/2 pounds, and is compatible with most laptops and other AC plug devices, plus USB-charge devices ranging from phones to digital cameras to your Nintendo Switch.

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