Plastc Universal Card

Posted: October 10, 2014
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The Plastc Card is like the Coin card consolidator, except...except not much. The two financial data storage and universal payment options are very similar. Right down to their pre-order only availability (Plastc is expected Summer 2015). However, Plastc and Coin could both be alternatives to those who want a universal, secure method of payment, but refuse to eat up Apple Pay like a fat kid under a soft-serve spout.

From credit to gift to loyalty, Plastc absorbs and stores your cards' crucial information so you'll be able to stuff your wallet with just one instead of a dozen of them. It grants individual card access as needed via its e-ink touchscreen and magnetic stripe or barcode display scanning options. Secure card PIN, photo ID, proximity alert, and "Return Me" mode features are also included and intended to protect Plastc users from fraud and theft.

Plastc magnetic stripes and NFC chips remain deactivated until card owners select 1 of up to 20 cards to use. Access requires a PIN, and Bluetooth connectivity to the Plastc Wallet app for iOS or Android sends an alert if the card wanders too far away. If you lose or have your Plastc stolen, a remote security option will let you use your phone to completely wipe all card data. Whether or not these provisions are foolproof, only time will tell. If you're interested in being one of Plastc's guinea pigs, grab one of your dozens of disarrayed credit cards and sign up on the company's website.

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