PEGASI 2 - SAD Light Therapy Glasses

Posted: August 30, 2019
PEGASI 2 - SAD Light Therapy Glasses
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The last day of summer is a sad day for everyone, but for some, that transition into fall, and then the gloom of winter, is even sadder. SAD sadder. PEGASI's second edition Smart Light Therapy Glasses endeavor to help those hit with seasonal affective disorder take a whack back at the SADness. The light-emitting eyewear could be even more helpful for people with sleep problems, low energy, and jet lag.

PEGASI 2 Light Therapy Glasses use a patented light-emitting module to filter out what they call "harmful" blue light from your vision. Left behind are just the "beneficial" blue-green wavelengths between 475nm and 480nm. According to PEGASI studies conducted at Johns Hopkins University, the blue-green light is 90% to 97% effective at stimulating your nervous system to regulate your body's level of melatonin secretion. This helps to relieve the resultant symptoms of circadian rhythm sleep disorders, SAD, and jet lag, as well as other common sleep issues, such as difficulty falling asleep, difficulty waking up, and not feeling well rested during waking hours.

PEGASI recommends wearing their Light Therapy Glasses for 25 minutes per day, between 7 and 9 a.m. Changes should be noticeable in about 7 days.

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