Onyx Unlimited Range Walkie Talkies

Posted: January 27, 2017
Onyx Unlimited Range Walkie Talkies
$189.99 - $199.99
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Onyx seeks total communication domination. With clip of a stylish speaker and the touch of a button. With unlimited convo invitees and an unlimited range between them. With...an internet connection and an app. Yeah, pretty much like every other "smart" device here to take over its niche piece of the world.

That's not to knock the Onyx system, at least for those who have WiFi or data connectivity along with the need for walkie-talkies. Sliding one of the Onyx discs onto your lapel or cording it around your neck could be pretty helpful at an outdoor concert, in a trade show, during a bike ride (both motorized and pedal-powered), or at any large event where you might be separated from your group. Once you pair your Onyx device with the Orion app, you can leave your phone tucked away and talk with anyone in your Onyx group just by pressing and holding the front of the speaker to talk. You can also use it with headphones to keep friends' wrarrr, wrah, wrarrrwrarrr responses private.

On the other hand, if you're somewhere off the towers--taking a day hike from your campground, going for a little heli-ski, or traveling in a country where you don't have a data plan--the Onyx won't be useful at all, and my sense is those are the types of places some of you would most like to have a useful walkie-talkie. Especially one with an "unlimited range". Alas, there's always an asterisk. Always a conditional.

The listing here is for a pair of Onyx communicators. You can choose from colors black, silver, iridescent cobalt, or iridescent rose. The companion Orion app is available for Android and iOS.

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