North Sense Human Compass Implant

Posted: July 24, 2016
North Sense Human Compass Implant

I've wished I were a human bulldozer. A human airplane. A human beatbox. But a human compass? Never crossed my mind before North Sense.

Cyborg Nest's North Sense is a (sort of) implant that will turn you into a directionally-in-tune cyborg. Well, at least more of one than you were before. The tiny Artificial Sense "installs" anywhere on your body you're willing to live with a quad of piercings, a coupla barbells, and a tiny circuit board. Once in place, the device will vibrate whenever it faces Magnetic North. No internet required.

What's the point? Well, besides being a unique tool for outdoorsmen, a clever party trick, and at least as cool as any piercing or tattoo you could get, Cyborg Nest says that North Sense will reconnect you with the earth. Many animals have an inherent sense of direction, and some say humans used to have it as well, at a time when we were more in tune with nature and the continuous flow of Earth's magnetic field. Almost ironically, this newfangled piece of cyborg-ish tech's primary goal is to give back the "ancient sense of orientation, deeply rooted in our traditions, spiritual life and history," so that "over time, new memories, maps and life moments will be created and influenced by a new spiritual layer--[the] North Sense."

If that sounds like two tickets to paradise--that is, Paradise Future and Paradise Past--to you, you can pre-order your own North Sense from Cyborg Nest now. As far as I can tell, the device is a real product with working prototypes, though the company admits they are still working on building a commercially viable version (e.g., they're still in search of the right rechargeable battery.) As always, best to do your own research before handing over your credit card number. You can read more about the North Sense and browse Cyborg Nest's FAQs here.

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