Netatmo Weather Station

Posted: March 24, 2014
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Compatible with Android and iOS, the Netatmo Urban Weather Station will track and provide comprehensive feedback on your immediate environment. It's an entirely personal weather device with one tracking module for interior conditions and another for those brewing outside your front door.

Netatmo sensors monitor metrics such as temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, CO2 concentration, and noise pollution, and then wirelessly transmit the information to an app on your mobile phone or tablet. Data displays on the app's various dashboards, visible as your choice of charts and comparative graphs, or simple readouts. It is also possible to set the Urban Weather Station to send notifications when certain indoor or outdoor conditions are reached. All recorded data is stored online permanently, enabling the tracking of various conditions over time. Not a bad idea if you're trying to use the Netatmo system's CO2 concentration sensor to gauge the effects of city pollution on your health, or its acoustic comfort sensor prove to the landlord that the upstairs neighbors conduct disruptive late-night sitar jam sessions every Tuesday.

The Netatmo Urban Weather Station includes indoor and outdoor sensor modules, a USB cable and wall adapter, and a wall-mount kit for the outdoor module. The Urban Weather Station app is free.

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