NeoChrome Fidget Spinners

Posted: May 20, 2017
NeoChrome Fidget Spinners
$39 - $45
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Nothing like a little spinning NeoChrome to kick off the day. And since I can't afford the finish for my tires - plus would never be able to see it in action anyway unless I, like, had my girlfriend drive up and down the street while I stood on the sidewalk - Sprinz Lab's fidget toys are just the NeoChrome applications I need to relax and focus.

In addition to coating them with radioactive unicorn poo (OK, anodized titanium) Sprinz Lab precision machines their fidget spinners from stainless steel to produce a hefty feel and oil-slick surface. Hybrid ceramic zirconia bearings and removable caps produce fast spin speeds and spin times of 4+ minutes.

Sprinz Lab spinners also come in gold, silver, and metallic blue.

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