MotivAider Tool for Changing Behaviors & Habits

Posted: June 28, 2020
MotivAider Tool for Changing Behaviors & Habits
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I like the idea of this MotivAider gadget. A tool for making positive changes in behavior and habits is exactly what I need. ... For someone else. Can I use the MotivAider on my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power? Because she does this thing, compulsively, where she tells me to do something, and if it's not done 5 minutes later, she tells me to do it again like it's the first time, and then this process repeats until she starts sounding and looking really haggard, and I have to think it's unhealthy for her. That maybe some time with the MotivAider will help her overcome this unhealthy habit.

Developed by a clinical psychologist over 30 years ago, the MotivAider is now in its 5th generation. The slim square device looks like a timer or alarm clock, and is designed to be clipped to a waistband or carried in a pocket, where it sends "ultra-quiet high-wobble vibration signal[s to] keep your attention focused on what you want to accomplish."

Common MotivAider uses include staying on task, being more productive, managing stress better, sticking to a diet or exercise program, improving your posture, drinking more water, and not drill sergeanting your husband.

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