MOGICS Bagel - Universal Travel Power Strip

Posted: February 25, 2019
MOGICS Bagel - Universal Travel Power Strip
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Zero carbs in this bagel. But the MOGICS Power Bagel isn't for giving you energy on the inside - keep the cream cream cheese and lox away from it, please - it's for funneling the energy out. The universal travel power strip is a pocket-sized, bread-shaped gadget for powering / charging up to 7 devices at once. The Power Bagel comes with a MOGICS Adapter, enabling plug-in and continued use throughout the UK, EU, Australia, and the US (150 countries total).

The Power Bagel's circular "strip" contains 4 x universal AC sockets, 1 x US AC Socket, and 2 x USB ports supporting Fast Charge. Also embedded in the round is an integrated, length-adjustable cord. It has a 6.3A fuse and surge protection, and comes with a carrying case.

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