Mini Cooli Handheld USB Air Conditioner

Posted: June 07, 2015
Mini Cooli Handheld USB Air Conditioner
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Evaporative cooling science, USB charging technology, the engineering of smallness--all the luxuries of living in the 21st century come together in this handheld air conditioner so that the next time it's 127 degrees in your office/bedroom/tent/garage, you won't have to succumb to sweating like a whore in church. Or a nun in a cucumber field.

The Mini Cooli is a portable rechargeable fan that uses a damp sponge inserted behind its motor to help pull in warm air, cool it down, and blow it out the other side. Refreshed and square into the melting face awaiting it. Without the sponge, the handheld AC also functions as a standard desktop fan.

A built-in 400mAh rechargeable battery powers the Mini Cooli for around 2 hours per charge. It is available in colors Green, Blue, or Pink.

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