Mighty Bright Page Magnifier

Posted: October 21, 2019
Mighty Bright Page Magnifier
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Too proud to wear reading glasses? Or no, no, I know. It's not that you need readers, it's just that they made the print in this damn magazine / book / newspaper / crossword puzzle too small. No normal-sighted person could read it without a magnifier! This Rigid Page Magnifier from Mighty Bright is a much more natural solution to the completely sporadic, and totally-not-your-eyes'-fault times you need a little help reading the words and seeing the pictures of your chosen content.

The Page Magnifier is also a pretty swell backhanded gift for anyone sensitive about the aging process.

Made of unbreakable acrylic, Mighty Bright's Rigid Page provides 2x magnification over a 12.8" x 9.4" surface. I would say that makes it a good solution for cooking or DIY tasks during which glasses might get in the way, but you can't really lay the magnifier on top of a page and go about reading and working simultaneously; you need to keep between 1" and 2" of distance between it and the material you're trying to see.

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