Material Bitcoin Wallet

Posted: April 27, 2022
Material Bitcoin Wallet
$94 - $210
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Styled and sized like a credit card, the Material Bitcoin Wallet aims to be a robust, non-electronic solution to Bitcoin storage and use. (And, yes, that's Bitcoin and Bitcoin only, owners of Ethereum, Tether, and other cryptocurrencies.)

Material Bitcoin is a cold storage wallet, meaning it doesn't need a mobile app to use, isn't connected to the internet, and will never run out of battery. Partly for these reasons, the wallet's makers say it is "the safest Bitcoin wallet ever," keeping your private keys and other data inaccessible to hackers, and free from leaks. They also point out that even if Material Bitcoin as a company went bankrupt, the Material Bitcoin Wallet would still function as normal.

In addition the physical Material Bitcoin plate is made from durable AISI 304L steel. It is waterproof, shock-resistant, and tested fireproof to 1,652 degrees F.

You can transfer Bitcoin to and from a Material Bitcoin Wallet by scanning the card's QR code, and using the Private Key - essentially your card's PIN code - printed and covered by a metallic strip on the back.

Material Bitcoin Wallets come in 3 styles: standard, camouflage & customized. Camouflage simply removes the obvious "Material Bitcoin" name and URL from the card, printing them as a stylized and shortened image respectively. The Customized Material Bitcoin card is printed with your own name.

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