Masta Box Fidget Cube & Wireless Controller

Posted: February 03, 2021
Masta Box Fidget Cube & Wireless Controller
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The Masta Box, a combination fidget cube and wireless controller for technophiles, brings functional fidgeting to the world of mind-body health. Not that the introduction of fidget toys and fidget spinners to mainstream life didn't always have a functional intent - to give anxious and hyperactive hands and brains an outlet for channeling their excess energy. And that's a function Masta Box retains in its roll-it-click-it-swirl-it tactile design. But within its hand-busying buttons and knobs, this fidget cube has also embedded a handful of practical applications for work and home life.

The Masta Box fidget cube is also a Bluetooth-connected controller that can serve you as:

  • An Air Mouse. Masta Box's rolly ball is a thumb-controlled track ball with left and rick click capabilities.
  • A Joystick. Use the protruding knob to play games and control music / video on your devices.
  • A Laser Pointer. Presentation and playing with the cat time!
  • A MicroSD Card Reader. Supports up to 128GB of storage.
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