Lock Pick Pistol

Posted: April 25, 2020
Lock Pick Pistol

I think mastery of this lock pick pistol is going to be a little more complicated than point-and-shoot, but one thing I've got right now is the time to learn how to master picking locks with a lock pick pistol.

The patience on the other hand....

A quick scroll through the Amazon listings for this type of gun-shaped lock pick set indicates you can buy the exact same one from a number of different sellers, and the build quality of them all is 5/10 at best. Cheap price, cheap product seems to ring true here, but if you're just looking for something to dick around with, and possibly a new random skill to, uh, pick up in the free time you probably have as much of as I do, it could be a fun tinker toy. This cutaway practice padlock lock pick set is a good one too, and generally better reviewed.

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