LEVO II Herb Dryer & Oil Infuser

Posted: April 20, 2020
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According to LEVO II, the LEVO II herb dryer and oil infuser is "for the infusion connoisseur." According to me: Sing a song of butter / infused with weed I dried / It's 4 & 20, blackbirds! / Let's get baked eatin' my pie!

The LEVO II is an upgraded version of LEVO's botanical-transforming kitchen appliance (and just so we're clear by "botanical," I definitely mean marijuana.) The machine streamlines the process of making herbal infused oil, butter, honey, and glycerine, adding failsafe Dry and Activate cycles so you can prep the potency of your herbs before infusing them, and a wireless connection to the LEVO app so you can monitor and control infusions remotely. The app also stores drying and infusion history for repeat performances, and contains instant access to a time / temperature calculator, and mind- and mood-altering recipes.

The LEVO II works purely with herbs and your infusing medium of choice, so no additional solvents or emulsifiers are required. Its steeping process also doesn't aerate ingredients so they end up with a longer shelf life. Batch size options range from 5 to 16 ounces per infusion.

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