LensHD Automatic Glasses Lens Cleaner

Posted: July 10, 2021
$79 - $89
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Forget the wax on, Grasshopper, the LensHD automatic glasses lens cleaner is all about the wax off. And maybe not so much the wax off as the fingerprints, dust, dirt, oil, and sunscreen and taco sauce smudges off.

Inside a white plastic brick maybe twice the size of a glasses hard case, the LensHD houses 4 rotating discs, each wrapped in ultra-soft microfiber-lined sponges. The discs rotate in a deliberate off-centered pattern, which LensHD maker LensCleaner says simulates the way a person would hand-clean their glasses, and ensures the complete surface area, front and back, of the lenses are scrubbed. LensCleaner adds that the sponges are "built from the ground up to apply pressure to your glasses during the cleaning process, while eliminating scratching and scuffing altogether."

LensHD is made to work with both prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, and all shapes and sizes of frames. You can pledge for an automatic lens cleaner to spin your glasses squeaky clean on Kickstarter through August 13, 2021.

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