Leidenfrost Effect Ring

Posted: August 28, 2016
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I love the dude who makes Grand Illusions' videos. I think his name is either George or Hendrik. Both because George Auckland and Hendrik Ball are the two Brits who founded and run Grand Illusions out of an 18th century barn in rural Buckinghamshire, and also because he definitely looks like a George or Hendrik.

This time around Geordrik is showing us a 2-piece aluminum ring you can use to exhibit the Leidenfrost Effect. Named after German doctor Johann Leidenfrost, this scientific phenomenon occurs when a specific temperature difference is achieved between a hot object and a liquid. In this case, you can use your stovetop, water, and the Grand Illusions Leidenfrost Ring to see droplets sizzle and evaporate when the ring gets hot, and then--ooooohhhh! aaaaaahhhh!--levitate, maintaining their shape and darting around hover board-style, when the ring gets hotter. 200 degrees C or more, to be exact.

Check out the video to see some H2O go!

When the Leidenfrost Effect materializes, it is because a surface is hot enough to create an instant, ultra-thin (0.1mm) cushion of steam between itself and any droplets of liquid coming into contact with it. The steam pillow serves as an invisible, but distinct barrier between the solid aluminum surface and liquid water, allowing the water to remain suspended and intact long enough for you knock off all the socks and panties at the party.

The Grand Illusions Leidenfrost Ring has a ridged pattern in its inner track to encourage further water movement when in place. Side walls obviously keep the water inside.

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