Lechal Vibrating Navigation Insoles

Posted: February 12, 2017
Lechal Vibrating Navigation Insoles

Whoa. Lechal insoles are like NavoPeds come to real life. The inserts and their Bluetooth smart pods automatically pair with your phone to interpret map / navigation data and convert it into haptic feedback, felt as foot vibrations, that tell you how to walk, run, bike, or climb to get there. Look, Ma, no hands! And no looking down at your phone and walking off that curb / cliff either. The Lechal modules also serve as activity trackers.

Lechal pods slip into the insoles, which in turn slip into your shoes. I have trouble believing walking on those little pod-bricks, however tiny they are, would be comfortable, but Lechal says both they and their soles "disappear into your shoes." And if you don't agree, you can opt to use an included set of pod buckles that hold the devices on top of your shoes, woven up in your shoelaces.

Hands-free, vibratory navigation comes courtesy of the Lechal app, which buzzes you in simple patterns to indicate turns and straightaways. Even if you lose your data connection Lechal says its maps will still perform reliably in offline mode. Average pod battery life is around 15 days.

As an activity tracker, Lechal comes with all the standard metrics: calories burnt; distance travelled; and steps taken.

The insoles come in small and large sizes, and can be trimmed to fit a range of shoes.

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