LaserCube - The World's Smallest Laser Display

Posted: June 23, 2019
$499 - $599
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The LaserCube is the latest DIY laser adventure from Wicked Lasers, creators of my favorite balloon-popping, wood-searing S3 Spyder III Arctic Laser. When it came out, the mad light scientists called their Arctic the world's most powerful handheld laser; now they are bestowing a similar title on their LaserCube: the world's smallest laser display.

And also the world's first battery-powered RGB laser projector.

A 3 pounds and 4" square, the LaserCube uses a literal combination of light and mirrors to create a myriad of magical displays. Light shows are only the beginning.

Beyond just incorporating LaserCube visuals into their sets, DJs and musicians can sync the LaserCube with BPM, or connect it to their midi instrument and play the LaserHarp along its RGB "strings." The LaserCube can also display full animations, either pre-designed and loaded for performances and photo shoots, or drawn in real time with a stylus if you're a sketch artist, or speaker looking to pimp out your presentations.

Makers can hit up the LaserCube to etch images with a single, powerful beam and engraving lens, while destroyers can use it to ignite things. And gamers in the mood to play some retro arcade games might enjoy the look of them laser-projected on the wall with Vectrex.

The LaserCube is compatible with Android, PC, and Mac, as well as Maxwell Synth, Modulaser, and LaserShowXpress.

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