Keysy RFID Duplicator - Copy Keycards & Keyfobs

Posted: July 15, 2020
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Copying your keyfobs and keycards? It's now Keysy peasy. The Keysy RFID duplicator from Tiny Labs is able to copy up to 4 low frequency (125kHz) RFID fobs and cards onto its single keychain attachment to consolidate your building entry, gym, office, parking garage, amenities areas, wherever you have to scan for entry most often throughout your day.

Keysy also makes individual blank, rewritable fobs you can use to clone any previously programmed fob / card from the master 4-button Keysy. You know, if your building or establishment is stingy with their access provisions, and you want enough open sesames for everyone in your family, or visiting friends. Or if you want to have backups in the event you lose one, and face paying hefty replacement fees.

Obviously the Keysy has some question marks surrounding its safe and appropriate use, but for its part the device is designed not to be compatible with vehicle fobs or home garage door openers, credit cards, hotel keys, or 13.56MHz RFID.

For the 125kHz RFID keyfobs and keycards it is able to replicate, Keysy says it has a 98+% success rate, and lists specific brands it supports within its Amazon listing.

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