inno Portable Telescoping Fan & Diffuser

Posted: June 29, 2022
inno Portable Telescoping Fan & Diffuser
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Thinking I might join the inno Fan Club. I like this air circulator's telescoping properties, able to extend from a compact and tidy 5", to as tall as 35", and therefore also able to direct its airflow with precision anywhere from my hot and sweaty face to my hot and schweddy...other parts.

And I like that the inno Fan is portable, meaning cordless and rechargeable, with up to 24 hours of continuous battery life, so I can take it anywhere outside, including campsites, shows, and the outdoor patio of restaurants that haven't embraced misters as the dining experience game-changers they are.

And speaking of misters, the inno Fan also has a built-in essential oil diffuser that wafts its scents about using a cool mist. Perfect for some additional invigoration and heat relief, as well as the perfect way to dilute the stench of farts, which my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, dispenses in abundance while she sleeps.

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