i.Con Smart Condom Penis Tracker

Posted: March 05, 2017
i.Con Penis Tracker
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British Condoms' i.Con isn't the first sexual fitness tracker to make the rounds in the UK--back in 2014 Bondara teased, but then never released the SexFit. At printing, i.Con was doing the same. Teasing your eager overachiever jonesing for beaver with Smart Condom tracking features that haven't actually entered the online shopping world yet. But British Condoms says i.Con is in final testing stages, and slated for release, at least across the pond, sometime in 2017.

So what exactly is an i.Con? First, it's not a condom, but a reusable ring that slides over your condom and sits at the base of your shaft. Yeah, sounds like a cock ring to me too. But this cock ring is fitted with all the fun fitness tracker nano-chips and sensors we normally wear on our wrists. So where you might normally consult your wearable's analytics to see how fast you ran and how many calories you burned doing it, you'll consult i.Con's to see how fast you thrusted and how many calories you burned doing her or him. And, more importantly, what your boy's girth measurements were throughout the process.

Adding to the sexy fun, i.Con will also let you track the duration and frequency of your "jam sessions" and even your sexual positions. And as with all connected devices, you'll be able to share your data with the people of the internet, anonymously or openly, and compare your stats to those of other i.Con users.

The i.Con smart condom will collect and record the following data:

  • Calories burnt during sexual intercourse
  • Speed of thrusts
  • Total number of thrusts
  • Frequency of sessions
  • Total duration of sessions
  • Average velocity of thrusts
  • Girth measurement
  • Different positions used (currently BETA testing)
  • Average skin temperature
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