Hyper(boloid) Beads Kit

Posted: January 22, 2017
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Aside from a supersized fidget toy or a DIY project to do with the kids on a rainy Sunday afternoon there isn't a real practical reason to put together a Hyper Beads Kit. But once the rolling symbol of infinity is finished, it sure does look cool. See for yourself in the video--the real action starts about 0:45 seconds in.

The "Hyper" in these Hyper Beads is short for "Hyperboloid," or the infinity shape they trace when you roll the cylindrical base along a flat surface. Michigander Zac Coon originally developed the kit as a Kickstarter project, and saw it funded successfully in December 2014. Since then a toy manufacturer picked up the concept and is looked to release it commercially later in 2017. But Grand Illusions says they've gotten a few of the original Kickstarter-produced kits from Coon himself, and will offer them up to takers while supplies last.

Hyper Beads arrive packed flat as a bag of beads, spools of string, a pair of wheels, and their axel. No word on how long assembly takes, but hopefully not longer than your attention span will be mesmerized by rolling the wheels and snaking their beads through the hyperboloid.

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