HiGrade Bud Analyzing Scope & Potency Test Kit

Posted: October 17, 2021
HiGrade Bud Analyzing Scope & Potency Test Kit
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The HiGrade bud analyzing scope & potency test kit means business...for your pleasure. A combination of a leaf-friendly microscope smartphone attachment and app-based subscription service, the HiGrade system uses 3 hi-res photos you snap of a strain you bought or are growing to determine its potency. The app uses secure servers to analyze the microscopic plant structures in your images and return results in seconds.

Designed specifically for home growers, the HiGrade service also includes 24/7 cultivation assistance, with information about strains, advice for detecting and fighting diseases and pests, and tips on balancing plant nutrients and determining optimal harvest times. The HiGrade potency test kit includes 1 year of the corresponding app subscription service; at printing, the cost was $79.99 per year thereafter.

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