Heinz Ketchup Packet Roller

Posted: September 19, 2021
Check It Out

On the one hand, the Heinz Packet Roller is encouraging us not to make a mess and waste ketchup. How very tidy and eco-conscious of them. But on the other, when you have to invent a gadget - however tongue-in-cheek and gag gift-y it may be - to assist people in opening and emptying your condiment containers without spurting their contents everywhere, and leaving half the ketchup behind because it won't squeeze out, or gets stuck in the corners of the haphazard vertical tear you finally managed immediately prior to the spurting event, then maybe it's time to invent a new ketchup packet instead.

Perhaps one that doesn't result in millions and millions of ketchup-coated pieces of plastic getting dumped in a landfill.

Followed shortly, I bet, by a few thousand gimmicky Heinz Packet Rollers.

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