HDVR Rearview Mirror Car Accident Camera

Posted: July 25, 2013
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Reviewers of ABEO's HDVR-150, a hi-def video/still camera built into an attachable rearview mirror, have predominantly words of praise to lay upon the device, but I'm not fully sold on its application. Certainly in this age of You're watchin' me?! Well I'm watchin' you! I can see the need for installing a recording mechanism in my car as a means of nailing all the jackholes who do me wrong via photographic license plate acquisition and HD videos of their reckless asses veering into my lane or cutting me off entirely due to inept cell phone usage. However, the HDVR-150 only records happenings in front of the driver's vehicle. Where I can already see what's going on anyway. I know there are a handful of circumstances under which this view would still come in handy--the lane violation infraction, 4-way intersection confusion, chasing down a hit-and-run offender...or hot blonde in a Jetta...and getting shots of their plates--but it still seems to me that most of the accidents and altercations I experience on the road that aren't my fault happen from the side or from behind. Honestly, my #1 priority whenever I am driving is to be done driving, so I'm concerned the footage this camera would collect would be slightly self-incriminating.

That said, the rearview mirror black box isn't exorbitantly expensive, and could prove to be an asset, particularly for those living in congested cities and/or cities laden with shitty drivers. Some perks of the so-called car accident camera:

  • Can record both while driving and while vehicle is parked with a 24-hour recording setting. So hit-and-runners and ex-girlfriends with wads of keys may actually be forced to answer for themselves.
  • When recording, the device runs continuously, with no gaps in file clips.
  • 2.4" LCD screen, which drivers can turn on or off while in use.
  • 120-degree view angle with no fish-eye effect.
  • 360-rotatable camera lens for upright recording even when mirror is tilted.
  • 1280 x 720 video resolution; 1.0 MP still shots.
  • 32GB of storage on SD card, formattable on board.

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