Haxson AirFan - Over-Bed Smart Fan Hybrid

Posted: October 10, 2021
$199 - $209
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The Haxon AirFan mounts over your bed to create airflow and cool you off at night, yes, but the smart piece of tech also comes with 19 other built-in functions and features to help improve your quality of sleep. Plus the quality of any other activities you enjoy doing in bed.

Call the AirFan the ultimate lifeHaxson.

In addition to circulating the air in your room as a standard fan, the AirFan can also generate and circulate heat. A simple way to say that: it's a heater too. Winner, winner, chicken dinner if you sleep with a partner who's always cold. And if you sleep hot, get a pair of AirFans and mount them over your respective sides of the bed. The fan blows at 10 different speed settings for even more custom climate control.

In addition to temperature, Haxson designed the AirFan to act as a purifier, with both filters for removing particulates, and a UVC light for killing off germs. The lighting component of the AirFan is also versatile, with over 100 brightness levels that allow you to alternate between using the device as a night light, reading light, and full-on bedroom lamp.

AirFan's other notable smart features include an alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker, Alexa compatibility, and remote operation with an included controller. Haxson says their motors run ultra-quiet too - at the highest setting they max out at 65dB with a decibel meter placed 1" away; at the lowest, they run at just 25dB, the same as rustling leaves.

If you're interested in Haxson's AirFan, check out the over-bed smart fan hybrid here on Kickstarter through November 20, 2021.

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