Hapi Air Birthday Candle Blower

Posted: February 06, 2023
Hapi Air Birthday Candle Blower
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There's always been a general, vague awareness that when people blow out the candles on their birthday cakes, everyone who subsequently eats a piece of those cakes will also be eating droplets of the birthday boy or girl's saliva. But we never thought that hard about it because: 1) It might have made us think twice about partaking in a piece of delicious birthday cake, which is no fun; 2) It insinuates the birthday boy or girl is somehow dirty and gross, which isn't a very nice thing to insinuate, especially on their birthday; and 3) It's a real party pooper way to think.

But, alas, a recent global pandemic has made us all thinkers. And party poopers. So now we have devices like the Blowzee Fan and Hapi Air Birthday Candle Blower to enable our birthday candle blowers to blow, and our birthday cake eaters to eat, spit- and germ-free.

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