Gentleman's Bogotas - Lapel Lockpicks

Posted: October 23, 2017
Gentleman's Bogotas - Lapel Lockpicks
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Bogotas fit for a gentleman. Lockpicks that pin and tuck all suave and covert beneath the lapel of my jacket. Now this is something I need...for no reason whatsoever. But I'm not here to talk about what I need. Add Gentleman's Bogotas to the country-of-Chile-long list of things I want. If you're here browsing for a gift for a man, they just might make his Chile list too.

Sold by Rift Recon, the same luxury break-in specialists who brought us this Red Team Kit, the Gentleman's Bogotas sport a design they say is as ergonomic as it is discreet. The lockpicks slip onto their "spring-assisted" safety pin, which you can then secure to a collar sleeve, hemline, hat, shoe, or dapper, Bond-approved lapel.

Bogota lockpicks are made of stainless steel and built for high tensile strength and precise agility during use. The matched pair also doubles as tension wrenches.

Unlike a true gentleman, the Gentleman's Bogotas are happy to tell you how big they are: 3-1/2" from shaft to tip.

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