G2 Turbo - Wearable Fan for Back(pack) Sweat

Posted: May 18, 2017
$19 - $23
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Part of me hopes the Presti G2 Turbo becomes the Little Crowdfunding Project That Could. Because I just saw The Goonies on cable for the 400th time, and this aerator of back sweat - what inventor Edwin Wang calls the world's first wearable backpack ventilation fan - is some classic Data-style tech that, like truth, compassion, and cat videos, the world could use some more of right now.

The Presti G2 Turbo connects to your existing backpack, snuggling into the natural gap created between back and pack by the concave curve of your spine at the lumbar region. Wang notes this gap is universal for backpack carriers, forming regardless of whether or not "he/she is fat or thin." He goes on to assure us that the G2 Turbo will fit comfortably in the space thanks to the fan's thin and ergonomic design, again, "no matter [whether] you are fat or thin."

In place the G2 Turbo turns on/off with a cabled controller that also has a wheel switch to set intensity. The fan's motor drives convective airflow between wearer and backpack while in use, circulating cool air and helping keep your shirt free of fast-spreading sweat amoebas.

If you want to get in on the affordable, old-school tech action that is the Presti G2 Turbo backpack fan, head over to Kickstarter to pledge for yours through July 1, 2017.

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