Fos Wearable Bluetooth Display Patch

Posted: August 31, 2013

Fos: It's an LED safety patch for pedestrians and bikers. Fos: It's a light grid programmable wirelessly through your smartphone to display video, graphics, or text. Fos: It's everything people post on Facebook about how many calories they've burned, how many miles they've gone, what their average heart rate has been for the last 30 minutes, and how generally awesome their life is projected to the real world in real time!

Similar to the HALO Belt in fundamental motivation, Anders Nelson developed his Fos LED patch to help keep people visible and safe while navigating the streets, the trails, and the labyrinthine tunnels of the University of Minnesota campus. It's an upgrade from bike lights and reflective tape, to which Nelson points out that many pedestrians and vehicles have become desensitized, as well as a major upgrade from basic LED flashers due to its comfortable, ultralight--Fos weighs less than a golf ball--and customizable nature.

Fos' illumination also bears communication. As previously alluded to, the patch connects via Bluetooth to smartphones to display basic messages and information. Maybe you just want to say, "Yo!" or "Flying through" or "If you're hot and can keep up, beers are on me." Fos will do that. But if you'd rather link its display to your fitness or weather app to scroll readouts of your heart rate, calories burned, miles traveled, the current temperature, or how many minutes everyone has to find cover before the next downpour, Fos will do that too.

Fos will launch with Android phone and tablet compatibility, with iOS to follow. LED displays will come in 3 forms. 1) An 11" x 3" black fabric patch with a 32 x 8 pixel grid, lined with Velcro for attachment to bags and clothing. 2) An 11" x 5" black fabric patch with 32 x 16 pixel grid. 3) A 36" x 3" patch attached to a black leather belt with a 96 x 8 pixel grid. The first two styles are fitted with the buyer's choice of white or blue LEDs, and the belt lights are amber.

Fos runs as a Kickstarter campaign through September 25, 2013.

December 2013 Update: Fos funding was unsuccessful, and while Nelson is still pursuing the product's development, at present it is not in production for consumer purchase.

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