Fingerbot - Retrofit Voice or App Remote Control

Posted: February 17, 2020
Fingerbot - Voice or App Remote Control for All Devices
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Fingerbot is like that annoying kid (or Sharon) who keeps tapping you on the shoulder when they want something, except here, the tap recipient isn't you, it's one of your devices. Any number of them, actually, from a light switch to your smartphone touchscreen to your coffee maker. Oh, and the annoying kid controlling Fingerbot's tapping, remotely via app or voice, is you.

Fingerbot prefers describing itself as a "retrofit robot arm" rather than an "annoying tapping kid," and given that it's here to make your life easier, not more tedious, I'll grant it that.

Fingerbot has a modular design, so in addition to its standard Rock Em Sock Em Robot-style arm, the gadget also comes with adapters for desktop toggle switches, wall toggle switches, wall seesaw toggle switches, and embedded buttons. Once in place, Fingerbot pairs via Bluetooth with maker Adaprox's Controller App. The app allows you to activate any of your Fingerbots in real time, at home or remotely, or to schedule activation. The Adaprox Controller App also integrates Fingerbots with Alexa, Google Home, Siri, or other AI assistants to enable voice control.

At printing, Fingerbots were available for pre-order, with an estimated ship date of May 2020.

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