EM3-STELLAR 4K Mixed Reality Glasses

Posted: January 05, 2021
$529 - $599
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EM3 doesn't just think their crowdfunding 4K mixed reality glasses are good. Or great. Or even stellar. Low profile, lightweight, and fully immersive for multimedia use, EM3 is going so far as to call these MR glasses STELLAR.

EM3-STELLAR glasses aim to reduce the bulk, discomfort, and user awkwardness of traditional AR / MR headsets, while still creating dazzling enhanced environments and theater viewing experiences for their wearers. And unlike full virtual reality, EM3-Stellar glasses' augmented reality tech keeps you semi-connected to your physical surroundings, so you're still aware of incoming calls, texts, and wives asking why TF you haven't emptied the dishwasher yet.

EM3-STELLAR glasses incorporate Sony micro-OLED display technology to create their 4K / 3147-pixel density visuals; EM3 compares viewing images and data through the glasses to using a 28" desktop monitor, or watching a 120" TV. EM3-STELLAR virtual display capabilities span 800", with virtual images meshed "naturally" into the real world components you'll still see through the lenses.

For movies and gaming, for work and study, and for travel, EM3-STELLAR 4K MR glasses are made to bring the extra to the ordinary, and let you go real big with a real small device. If you're eager to step one foot - just one - out of reality in your endeavors, pledge for a pair of EM3-STELLAR glasses on Kickstarter through February 4, 2021.

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