Electromagnetic Field Protection Pendant

Posted: May 01, 2013
Electromagnetic Field Protection Pendant

Remember when all we had to worry about, in terms of having our brains fried or growing a tumor, was power lines and standing in front of the microwave? Oh man, if my mama caught me lingering too close to the microwave waiting for my Hot Pocket to be ready when I was a kid she'd full-on WWF bodyslam me away from its cancerous rays. Since then, the presence of potentially adverse electromagnetic fields (EMF) has increased at an exponential rate. Now the harbingers of stress and disquietude run rampant. Taking the form of cell phones, flat screen TVs, WiFi, satellites, and Lady Gaga, they suck our energy, degrade our health, and generally F us up in a way that calls into question whether or not the risk of emotional instability and death is really worth the reward of maintaining constant contact with ESPN and being able to play Words with Friends covertly during family dinners.

Contemplating an answer makes for a heavy heart, doesn't it?

Well, the QLink Pendant may just solve our dilemma of staying connected vs. staying sane and alive. Or it may be complete pseudoscientific quackery. But let's check it out anyway.

A smooth, triangular notion, the QLink Pendant hangs from wearers' necks allegedly to assist in the accomplishment of 3 things:

  • Strengthening resilience and resistance to the effects of stress.
  • Increasing energy and enhancing mental performance, particularly when under pressure.
  • Beefing up the ability to function in and combat EMF saturated environments.

QLink claims that both independent tests and user reviews report that their pendant succeeds in aiding and abetting pursuits of serenity, clear thinking, and peace of mind. Doctors (of an undisclosed nature; could be of love or pepper) have found that QLinks amplify healthy energy states, and protect against both direct and ambient sources of EMF, including those from cell phones and computers.

And not that this is the best endorsement, since everyone knows athletes are kind of dumb and/or would endorse a ghost pepper enema for enough money, but apparently athletes love using QLink pendants to increase mental focus and endurance too!

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