DIY Internal Combustion Engine

Posted: March 18, 2014
DIY Internal Combustion Engine
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I couldn't feature the time lapse video of a guy constructing this Haynes DIY internal combustion engine because the 225 bpm Looney Tunes music playing throughout his process started giving me heart palpitations after 15 seconds. But you can click on it in the listing above to see the steps involved in fusing these 100 parts into a working, battery-operated 4-stroke. Fast-forward through the chaos for a glimpse of the combustion engine chugging along at tempo and free of musical accompaniment.

The internal combustion engine you'll build with Haynes' kit mirrors a simplified 4-stroke car engine. Its box contains all parts and tools needed for assembly, plus a Haynes manual with (allegedly) clear step-by-step building instructions. You'll need to provide 2 x AA batteries and some vegetable oil. The latter for lubing parts and frying up some popcorn chicken upon completion to celebrate your success.

The combustion engine's on-off controller also includes a sound chip to capture the effect of a real engine starting as the model fires up.

This DIY kit is recommended for peoples 12 and over.

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