Posted: March 20, 2013
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One of the main things about CubeSensors is that they are unobtrusive and not hideously ugly. So when you're geeking out using them to tell you how indoor temperatures and air quality are affecting your sleep, or when you're making a play to increase worker productivity by tracking office noise types and levels, your wife won't whine about the new eyesore cluttering up the nightstand, and employees won't get all weirded out about Big Brother watching them. Unless they're contrary and paranoid, in which case they still will, and you should probably just get divorced and start firing people.

In tandem with a free smartphone app, CubeSensors gauge and monitor a whole slew of somewhat interesting things. Temperature, humidity, noise, light, air quality and barometric pressure for individual rooms, they can even pick up building vibrations that may be disrupting your equilibrium or making you think your phone's buzzing all the F'ing time, even when it's not. I really hate that. Probably at a level grossly disproportionate to the actual magnitude of the situation. Like, only slightly less than I hate cars in front of me who wait until the light turns green to turn on their left turn signal.

Anyway, CubeSensors constantly measure and send feedback and suggestions about indoor environments, information that can be applied to:

  • Understand when and why people start feeling drowsy at a meeting. [I think this has something to do with room temperature and relative humidity and such, but wouldn't it be awesome if CubeSensors could detect and alert speakers that they are being painfully boring?]
  • Measure why noise makes some people uncomfortable and unproductive.
  • Know when and where to aerate rooms or offices, adjust temperatures, or setup quiet zones.

In addition to recording sensory data, Cubes also stream it to the cloud for accessibility from any device. Users can both view the historical trends of environmental changes, and track current views displaying the effectiveness of actions taken in response to Cube suggestions.

CubeSensors, currently available for pre-order in sets of 2 or 4, anticipate shipping batch the first in Summer 2013.

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