CoolDrift Versa - Cooling Headband for Better Sleep

Posted: September 22, 2020
CoolDrift Versa - Cooling Headband for Better Sleep
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Got a hot head? The CoolDrift Versa wearable is here to give you a lobotomy and calm those steaming thoughts down. Er, wait, no. The CoolDrift Versa wearable is here to adjust and maintain your optimal body temperature through continuous, precise cooling across your forehead so you fall asleep easier and get a more restful night's sleep.

Sorry, been watching too much Ratched.

A portable device consisting of an adjustable, gadgety headband and a wired controller, the CoolDrift Versa is built around research that shows: 1) excessive metabolic activity in the frontal cortex, aka a "racing mind" is a common cause of restless sleep; and 2) cooling the area via the forehead substantially decreases this activity, allowing the mind to settle, and fall into an unencumbered slumber. According its creators, Ebb Sleep, the CoolDrift Versa uses an algorithm that constantly "adjusts itself to work with your body's natural temperature fluctuations so that a precise temperature is maintained," allowing you to fall asleep quicker and sleep better.

The CoolDrift Versa device is fitted with 3 cooling pads spaced across the forehead; Ebb says they'll compensate for one another if one shifts as you sleep. And speaking of shifting as you sleep, one downside to the CoolDrift Versa I see - aside from the fact it might not work - is its bulk and wired appendage. Anyone who moves when they sleep is sure to find themselves rolling over the controller, getting tangled in the wire, or smooshing their head against the wearable. Like a CPAP machine, getting better sleep with a CoolDrift Versa will likely take a few nights of "adjustment" sleep before you can stomach - or rather, forehead - wearing it.

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