Concrete Wireless Induction Charger

Posted: June 13, 2013
Concrete Wireless Induction Charger

It's about damn time the crap my mama sets out around my (fine, her) house and calls "art" also possesses the ability to charge my phone and iPad. O'Dea Designs' Concrete Charger is the first in their forthcoming series of tabletop and freestanding wireless induction re-juicers intended to be both utilitarian and nice enough looking that you don't have to shove it under the couch with the Hand Reflexology Massager and the Japanese Tongue Exerciser before company comes over.

Concrete Chargers have a triangular base made of their namesake, and are topped with soft cork to preclude scratching and trick me into using one for a coaster and probably electrocuting myself. Or not. What the hell do I know about electrical currents, what am I, Nikola Testes? The design accommodates two devices simultaneously, one phone and one tablet, and includes two independent charging hearts.

O'Dea's super slick induction chargers weigh 12 pounds a pop and measure 18� x 12� x 1-3/4�.

The Concrete Charger will be available for purchase at an undisclosed time in July 2013 for an undisclosed price. Suckers for such clandestine sales pitches can email [email protected] to reserve one of their own.

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