Circadian Optics Art Deco Light Therapy Lamp

Posted: January 13, 2021
Circadian Optics Art Deco Light Therapy Lamp
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Give dark days some light - and some style - with this Art Deco Light Therapy Lamp from Circadian Optics. The mood light / sun lamp brings replica, and UV-free, rays to your home or office, providing a bright and happy boost throughout the winter. Or all year long if your WFH situation has landed you in the basement.

Complementing the Light Therapy Lamp's sunny disposition is its aesthetic build, a frame of black metal rectangles - parallelograms if you want to give the sun lamp as a gift for a geek - in varying sizes and arrangements that give the piece a handsome art deco look.

Circadian Optics notes their Light Therapy Lamp mimics the colors of daylight, and provides the recommended 10,000 LUX of brightness that help stave off the winter blues and seasonal affective disorder, regulate sleep, improve focus, and boost energy.

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