Cicret Human Touchscreen Bracelet

Posted: January 09, 2015

My new tablet? My bulging, Tom-Cruise-in-The-Last-Samurai forearm. Hey, if they can make a laser-powered virtual keyboard that tracks fingers for real-time typing (and sound effects!) why can't they make a bracelet that projects your games and smart device basics onto your skin? Cicret--not to be confused with the cough drops my grandma used to feed me when I had a cold--sees no reason at all. And while their idea thus far exists as little beyond the idea stage, the company says it does have the tech, design, and business savvy to bring this interactive wearable to market. Which they'll definitely do. Just as soon as you give them the money to finish their prototype.

Yes, Cicret's fruition is banking on crowdfunding. However, instead of routing their fundraising efforts through a third party platform, its French team of designers and engineers are simply asking Cicret website visitors to make a donation of support in any amount through PayPal. They'll need 700,000 euros, or around $825,000 to get on with it.

"It" is just as the mockup visuals indicate: a projection of games, calls, texts, weather reports, Facebook photo streams, any data you'd like onto your fully type-able human appendage touchscreen. Haha, if I ever have a Cicret and a scab on my arm at the same time, I think I'll pick the scab until it bleeds and then use the Cicret to project my ex-girlfriend Karen's face onto it.

Um...I mean...I'll use the bracelet to play Tetris on myself....

At printing, Cicret supporters had pledged 16% of the company's funding goal. If you'd like to make it 16.0001%, follow the link below.

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