CheerTok All-in-one Pocket Touchpad for Smart Devices

Posted: March 25, 2022
$35 - $39
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CheerTok's big, B-I-G, and CheerTok's bad, B-A-D, and CheerTok's boss, B-O-S-S, B-O-S-S, boss. OK, CheerTok isn't so big, being a pocket-sized touchpad, air mouse, presenter, and shortcut Generator. And it's more good than bad, given it's a single tool that gives you control over all of your smart devices. But as a 2022 Red Dot Award-winner, I think the CheerTok is definitely going for boss.

Plus, that's the only cheer my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power remembered from high school when I asked her for one to help me write this post.

The CheerTok is a smart device for smart devices. Wireless, portable, and easy to handle, the multi-functional touchpad can control Mac, Windows, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and vehicle screens. It also has customizable shortcuts to suit varying device functionality, such as subbing in for your remote while watching TV, or controlling slides and acting as a laser pointer during presentations.

The CheerTok is seeking crowdfunding here on Kickstarter through April 26, 2022.

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