Car Cup Holder Drink Cooler & Warmer

Posted: June 01, 2019
Car Cup Holder Drink Cooler & Warmer
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One thing I know right off about these car cup holder drink coolers and warmers is that they prefer Coke to Pepsi. Almost every one of the color combo listings for the cig lighter plug-in gadgets shows them cooling off different kinds of cans of Coke. Diet Coke. Coke Classic. Coke Life. Whoa, haven't seen this one in a while - Vanilla Coke.

The drink cooler / warmer sleeves also give love to Herbert's Lemonade, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Starbucks iced coffee drinks, and something called Salted Mocha from a company I can't decipher, but if anyone knows what it is, please email me because that definitely sounds like something I'd want to chill in my car cup holder drink cooler.

And warmer.

The cup holder insert has 2 buttons, illuminating either a red LED for Hot Mode or a blue one for Cool. The Hot button heats up to 140 degrees F, and the Cold down to 21 degrees F.

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