BrandNewNoise Loopy Lou Voice Recorder

Posted: June 05, 2019
BrandNewNoise Loopy Lou Voice Recorder
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Now what is this little doodad thingamajig Loopy Lou BrandNewNoise has made for us? Inside the Loopy Lou Voice Recorder box are the makings of hours of warping fun with voice recording and looping tech. The box itself has a simple, retro-turntable design, which is both part of the device's charm, and representative of its manufacturing process - handmade in Brooklyn, NY from sustainable wood.

The Loopy Lou has functions including a loop switch, pitch control knob, and 1/8" output, in addition to its cherry red record button, which can store up to 30 seconds of whatever sound you like. Your voice, music, your cats having a meowing contest, the dude in the condo next door and his date having a...meowing contest. Of sorts.

Once you've captured your recording, you can toggle the Loopy Lou switch to the right for a one-time playback, or to the left for continuous play, and then press the black playback / stop button to hear what you've captured. Then, BrandNewNoise recommends that you "Go bananas" testing out the pitch shift knob to play back your recording faster or slower, alternating between the two, and creating sounds "you thought only aliens could make."

Just in case the cats and the neighbors don't sound enough like aliens already.

The BrandNewNoise Loopy Lou Voice Recorder is recommended equally as a gift for kids and a gift for musicians.

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