Big Red Button Rage Relief Device

Posted: January 20, 2014
Big Red Button Rage Relief Device
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It doesn't connect to an ejection seat or the trap door above a tank swarming with electric eels and Mariah Carey after a 3-day fast, but the Big Red Button rage relief device does provide considerable catharsis for the angry and frustrated. Connect it to a USB port on your Windows PC, and choose one of four satisfying, stress-busting, or ass-saving actions to play out when you flip the button's plexiglass cover and slam down your fist:

  • Computer screen covered in the orange flames and black clouds of a massive explosion.
  • Appearance of a photo you've uploaded, along with a prompt to punch it.
  • Appearance of a spreadsheet to create the illusion that you're working instead fending off a nervous breakdown.
  • Instant transport to your favorite Website. You know, the one with breaking news, sports stats, cutting-edge tech, and naked people having sex with one another.

Big Red Buttons also support rage relief with their Take-A-Break feature, and optional timed reminder to relax, have a breather, and maybe swap out the quad Americano for a seltzer water this hour.

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