Beam Light Socket Smart Projector

Posted: October 11, 2016
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That video of me and my girlfriend making sweet, hot...honey chipotle chicken for dinner? Beam it down, Scotty. We'll watch it later projected onto the back wall of the bedroom. And then maybe later on the living room coffee table. The desk in the front entry vestibule. The office conference room with all the VPs in from the East Coast. With the Beam projector, you can enlarge any visual media from your smartphone or laptop onto any surface within range of a light socket.

Beam is both a light bulb and a projector with a built-in smart computer and stereo speakers. Screw it into an overhead light or lamp socket, or use its included power cable for flat surface use, and you'll be able to convert any flat surface into a flat screen. Use Beam to watch movies, show slideshows and presentations, or enhance your daily life with programmed commands. For example, you can tell Beam to project a specific message when someone comes home, play a YouTube video to wake you up, or start rolling through the news on the bathroom wall while you're shaving in the morning.

Beam controls are your existing Apple or Android device and an accompanying app. When screwed or set in place, the projector connects to your home WiFi service to access and install any of the apps you'd want to launch on a big screen, such as Netflix, HULU, YouTube, Facebook for notifications, or the Spotify interface.

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