Batman Signal Projection Alarm Clock

Posted: May 22, 2013
Batman Signal Projection Alarm Clock
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When you wake up in the morning 'cause the alarm gives out a warning, do you think you'll never make it on time? And does this make you sad because you'd rather stay in bed? Like, sadder than Kelly was that time she thought she couldn't attend prom because she couldn't afford it, but then Zack made a private prom for the two of them outside of the Bayside gymnasium? Well what about if you had an alarm clock that, in addition to blaring unhappy noises in your ear, also projected the Bat-Signal onto your ceiling, as if to communicate that today isn't just one for getting up and jumping into the corporate hamster wheel, but one for getting up and using your extensive collection of gadgets and weaponry to defend the world against evil? In that case would you not consider yourself saved by the bell rather than cursed by it?

I know, the mixed metaphors are unnerving. But I'm just trying to coax you a few feet outside of your passive Web browsing comfort zone. Plus I think a Dark Knight Meets Saved By the Bell miniseries could really revolutionize the state of contemporary network programming.

The Batman Signal Projection Alarm Clock can blare either the time or the iconic Bat-Signal onto a ceiling or wall. It also has standard desktop timepiece features of an LCD display, snooze button, and volume and light intensity controls. An auxiliary jack accommodates iPod or MP3 player output.

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