Armpit Air Conditioners

Posted: July 16, 2016
Armpit Air Conditioners
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They say Summer Is Coming. And not six, 10-episode seasons from now. Like, next week. The Plains, Midwest, and South can expect scorching temperatures, stifling humidity, and lots and lots of armpit sweat.

Obviously these armpit air conditioners are straight outta Japan, and obviously they are ridiculous. I think I'd sooner take of my shirt in the middle of a job interview than risk the interviewer getting a glimpse, hearing the whirr, or maybe catching a whiff of the clip-on fans I have blowing into my armpits. I mean, unless the interviewer were Data from Goonies, in which case my armpit ACs and I would have the job nailed.

All of that said, the absurdity of electronic pit coolers is neither here nor there because vendor Thanko doesn't appear to ship them to American shores right now. So if things really heat up to armpit fan levels of misery for you this summer, I recommend an Aros Smart AC, or even a Flexi Freeze Ice Vest for some relief instead.

Muchas danke to Gizmodo.

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