Ark Lite Nebula Projector

Posted: October 02, 2021
Ark Lite Nebula Projector
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Yep, the Ark Lite Nebula Projector looks like some real Jodie Foster Contact material. Touch it and you'll almost certainly have a moving experience on an idyllic beach with an alien in the body of a beloved dead relative that everyone will subsequently tell you is a result of your imagination / your mama dropping you on your head as a baby.

They won't mention the 18 hours of static your body cam recorded though.

Another LED laser projector from BlissLights, the Ark Lite beams stunning illusions of celestial phenomena onto your ceiling to set the mood for parties, game nights, date nights, or some self-care in the bathtub. They describe the effect as a drifting blue nebula cloud with warped, rotating lasers moving around it.

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